3 Ways to Quickly Break Your Fast Food Addiction

Any sort of addiction is hard to stop. Whether it is smoking, eating, or drinking, addiction is something a lot of us has trouble overcoming. In this article, we examine three great ways to stop your fast food addiction. In the past few years, the number of people suffering from obesity has increased significantly and […]

Sleep Loss: How Being Overtired Contributes To Weight Gain

The trigger for your weight gain could be sleep loss. What if the key to easier weight loss was just getting your head on the pillow earlier at night? Between work, school and social life, few of us get as much sleep as we need. And, that can lead to a higher number on the […]

Should You Follow a Gluten Free Diet?

So you’ve heard about Gluten and Gluten free diets and are considering going on it just because you think it’s healthy, or maybe you see that others lose weight on this diet or claim increased health and clarity of mind. Well before you jump into this diet with both feet let me tell you a […]